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Notary Public Record Book

Notary Public Record Book
PRICE: $10.00

Record the details of the notarial acts you perform with this Missouri Notary Public Record Book. It includes room for 256 entries and complete "how to" instructions. Missouri Law requires notaries to keep a record book with exact chronological details of each notarial act performed. Notaries are also required to keep a fee book in which to enter all charges for notarial services. These two books do not have to be maintained separately and may be combined into one book. The law specifies the exact elements to be recorded. The notary public record book published by Notary Public Underwriters Agency meets the requirements of the law.

A record book is an important log of your notarial actions and may help protect you in the event of a lawsuit. Many states require notaries to record each notarial act they perform in a bound record book. Your Missouri notary record book contains private and possibly sensitive information about the people for whom you performed a notarial act. You must take precaution to guard your notary record book to protect the privacy of its contents. Your Missouri Notary Public Record Book belongs to you, and must remain under your control at all times. Your employer has no rights to your notary record book, even if the employer paid for it. Never share your notary public record book with another notary.

Notary Public Record Book Entry Should Contain:
  • Record of the notarial act performed
  • Title and date of the document
  • Method of identifying the signer
  • Information about the signer including his or her original signature
  • Any unusual circumstances associated with the notarization

Notary Public Underwriters of Missouri recommends the American Society of Notaries for more information about common notarial duties, notary guidelines, restrictions and requirements. We also offer a one year membership with the oldest national non-profit notary association, American Society of Notaries. Benefits include an information kit, toll-free helpline, free listing in All-States notary locator, newsletters, membership certificate and more.

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Notary Public Record Book for Missouri Notaries

Notary Public Record Book

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