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Missouri Full Service Notary Bonding

Established in 1997, Notary Public Underwriters Agency provides fast and friendly service to Missouri notaries statewide. Our user-friendly online application and payment feature allows us to provide a quick and easy process for Missouri notaries. We provide you with everything you need to become a Missouri notary public including the 4-year $10,000 bond, state fee, State-approved notary training course, Missouri notary public record book and State approved rectangular self-inking notary stamp.

Our quick and simple Missouri online notary application system allows you to customize your notary package, to obtain all state-required items and purchase online with a credit card. We want to ensure you are well prepared to perform your duties as a Missouri notary public. Applying to become a Missouri notary or renew your Missouri notary commission is fast and easy with Notary Public Underwriters Agency. Below are the detailed qualifications in order to become a Missouri notary public.

Requirements to become a Missouri notary public:
  •       You must be at least 18 years old.

  •       You must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English.

  •       You must have read the Missouri Notary Public Handbook.

  •       You must complete a state-approved notary education course and furnish a certificate of completion with the application.

  •       You have not had a notary commission revoked during the past 10 years.

  •       You must disclose all criminal charges involving fraud, misrepresentation, or theft. (A criminal conviction is not an automatic denial to become a Missouri notary public).

  •       If a legal resident alien of the United States, you must send a copy of your INS Resident Alien Card with the application.

All persons who are legal residents of Missouri must meet these additional requirements:

  • You must be a registered voter of the county where commissioned, or a resident alien of the United States.

  • You must apply for a commission in the county where you reside.

Non-residents may also apply for a Missouri notary commission by meeting these additional qualifications:

  • You must work in Missouri and use the notary commission in the course of your employment.

  • You must have a business address in the county where commissioned.

  • You must authorize the Secretary of State as your agent and representative to accept service of process or service of any notice or demand required to be served upon you.

  • You must completely fill out a Non-Resident Application.


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